Santa Barbara, CA. Programs outside the United States are listed separately for ease in finding. The school will be rescheduled in 2021. Choose any of 1 PhD program in English in Austria (Vienna) in "Gender Studies", study mode "On campus" and study type "Full-time" on the biggest study abroad search platform .

This innovative interdisciplinary program is housed in the first-ever School of Social Transformation. The PhD programme at the Department of Gender Studies is a 4-year-programme of full-time study (240 ECTS credits) leading to a PhD degree in Gender Studies. Multiple (9) 2 years.

with the formulation of new questions and Education PhD. Ph.D. / Full-time / On Campus are crucial tools in analysing social and cultural relations in today's postcolonial and post-secular societies. We look into the question whether heterogeneity stemming from research orientation, gender, or disciplinary and cultural differences with their PhD supervisors helps or hampers academics' careers. Open to applicants of Europe .


Views. The university provides each student with a success coach who is happy to help the student set . Undergraduate, PhD, Bachelor, Masters, Postgraduate. Criminology PhD. M.A. Scholarship for PhD Studies in Women and Gender Issues. Interaction with academics, politicians, activists, and homestay hosts encourages comparative approaches to independent research projects. Graduate Programs in Canada.

in Women's History. The rationale and design of the PhD Program in Comparative Gender Studies are theoretical, methodological and practical.

Our Master's programme in Gender Studies provides you with an .

See Centre for Gender Studies.

The PhD programme at the Tema Institute (including . Save.

The program aims to promote the study of gender and its correspondence with categories such as class, ethnicity, race and . Researchers at the Centre are prominent in further developing and problematising the understanding of gender and gender relations. The inclusive gender studies doctoral program empowers tomorrow's community leaders by immersing them in: ASU's on-campus Digital Humanities research lab creative and critical knowledge production

Students can also participate in workshops, study groups, conferences, and other events. Organized jointly by the Universit Libre de Bruxelles (ULB) and the University of Lausanne (UNIL), the Gender studies summer school named BRULAU aims at strengthening the gender studies training of PhD students in all disciplines of the human sciences. A large proportion of the university staff holds doctorates and there is a strong link between undergraduate

Sexuality and Gender Studies Doctor of Philosophy - PhD MA (Res) England University of Birmingham School of Languages, Cultures, Art History and Music Institution website Institution Profile Sexuality and Gender Studies Master of Research - MRes England University of Brighton School of Humanities and Social Science

We have 74 gender studies PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships in the UK More Details PhD in Languages and Cultures University of Sheffield School of Languages and Cultures (SLC)

THE World Ranking: 601. Memorial University of Newfoundland - Department of Women's Studies. 1 Arizona State University (USA) - PhD in Justice Studies. PhD; Gender Studies; 1 PhD program in English in Austria (Vienna) in .

Ph D studies is the highest formal education available.

On campus, Online / Distance. Below is the list of best universities in Sweden ranked based on their research performance in Gender Studies. in Women and Gender Studies. The University of Zurich is a public research university in Switzerland with a focus on natural sciences and medicine.

Informatics PhD. Linnaeus University Scholarships 2022 is a Full Funding international scholarship offered by the Linnaeus University for international students. European College for Liberal Studies (ECLS) Our postgraduate programs, each with different program requirements, are based on and are fully compatible with the established European and. One doctoral studentship in Gender Studies in the research program Reimagining Norden in an Evolving World Ref: 4189-1.6.1-2017 Sdertrn University in south Stockholm is a dynamic institute of higher education with a unique profile and high academic standard.

Reviews (2) courses University of Greenwich UK. Each year we welcome many transfer students, as . Financially justifiable teaching and research fellowships may enable an extension of the time to complete the degree with up to 1 year.

For the most accurate and up to date information on application deadlines, language tests and other admission requirements, please visit the specific requirements webpage.

Comparative Gender Studies PhD in Central European University, Budapest in: Fellowship | 09.01.2014 Deadline: 23 January 2014 Open to: MA degree holders in Gender Studies or related discipline Fellowship: tuition waiver and three years of living stipend.

Gender and Sexuality Studies is an inter-faculty programme drawing on the unique breadth of disciplines for which UCL is.

Scholarship Description: The Centre for Gender Studies features well-developed research activities based on feminist theory and methodology.

The Department of Gender, Women and Sexuality Studies at the University of Washington will celebrate its 50th anniversary in 2020. The PhD program seeks to contribute to the development of studies in gender which are interdisciplinary, integrative, and grounded in analyses of social processes, theories, institutions and the material conditions of life. The PhD program in Comparative Gender Studies at Central European University (CEU) seeks to contribute to the development of studies in gender which are interdisciplinary, integrative, and grounded in analyses of social processes, theories, institutions and the material conditions of life. A PhD is awarded in recognition of the fact that the person to whom it is awarded has completed PhD studies and has satisfactorily defended a doctoral thesis in a public viva, has demonstrated the ability to independently run a scientific project using scientific methods appropriate to the subject and has further helped promote research at a .

We started as a program in Women Studies in 1970 and became a department, with our own tenure lines in 1996. .

The programme is promoted by the Interuniversity Institute for Women and Gender (iiEDG) and . PhD Program. The intersectional curriculum emphasizes social science research approaches, critical theory, community-engaged practices, and legal and economic foundations.

Many students may wonder what a master's degree in gender studies has to offer them in terms of careers.

Since 1984, Women's and Gender Studies in Europe has offered students a unique opportunity to explore feminist and queer theory in practice across Western and East Central Europe.

In addition, we offer a PhD in Comparative Gender Studies. University of California--Santa Barbara. Vienna, Austria Central European University (CEU) The department accepts students from a range of disciplines in the social sciences and humanities, and focuses on integrative and comparative approaches to the critical examination of past and present developments related to gender in culture and society. The Department of Gender Studies meets the growing demand for expertise in gender issues by providing both Master's and doctoral level programs in gender studies, as well as serving as a base for non-degree studies and other activities in the field. To be eligible for admission to the PhD program, students must hold a master's degree (thesis or research paper) in feminist and gender studies or a master's degree with specialization in feminist and gender studies and . The PhD programme at the Department of Gender Studies is a 4-year-programme of full-time study (240 ECTS credits) leading to a PhD degree in Gender Studies. During the four-year PhD programme you work under the guidance of a professor on creating a research project that results in a dissertation or a series of articles in scientific journals. Her research interests include women's and gender [.] Award: This fellowship provides a research fund of $1,000 . The University has been ranked as one of the top universities in Europe. M.A. Venue: Russell Square: College Buildings. The Department of Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies (WGSS) at Emory University is proud to support a generous and pluralistic understanding of the academic field of women's studies in its teaching, research, and public scholarship. Universidad de La Laguna The PhD in Interdisciplinary Gender Studies is designed to promote gender equality that is required by the European Community policies.

The department encourages students to reconceive concepts of power, justice, and social relations in innovative ways. M.A./Ph.D. Europe is, by convention, one of the world's seven continents. Based on a sample of 248 academics at two leading European universities of technology, we combine multinomial logit models and sequential logit models to understand career advancement.

The Ph D Education Program is headed by Professor Diana Mulinari and several members of the academic staff act supervisors and examiners for the programme.


The PhD Research Grant is intended for candidates already enrolled or candidates who meet the necessary conditions to enroll in a PhD Program in Social Sciences - Gender Studies, Communication Sciences, Sociology, History, Psychology or equivalent and who wish to develop research activities, leading to a doctoral degree, in the context with the .

Our department has grown significantly since 1975, when Women's Studies first gained formal status as an academic program at UCLA.

The UW Department of Gender, Women & Sexuality Studies offers a Ph.D. in Feminist Studies and graduate certificates in Feminist Studies or Sexuality and Queer Studies. It applies critical thinking to analyze differences that are related to socio-cultural context.

Netherlands Research School of Gender Studies The Netherlands Research School of Gender Studies (NOG) provides a national platform for gender research and teaching by faculty members from various Dutch universities and it offers a highly successful training programme and environment for postgraduate and PhD students since 1995.The NOG teaching and research staff consists of an international . Fulbright Scholarships For Norwegian Students, 2018 .


Technology and Innovation Management PhD. in Women's and Gender Studies. The Doctoral Programme in Gender, Culture and Society is a truly multidisciplinary programme with doctoral students from disciplines as varied as Gender Studies, Sociology, Political History, Folklore Studies, Social Psychology, Musicology, Social and Cultural Anthropology, Biblical Studies, European Area and Cultural Studies, Scandinavian Literature, Development Studies, Law, Latin American .

It connects students like me with many valuable resources for helping us to remain healthy and engaged thus minimizing the possibility of Graduate fatigue. However it is without sponsorship. Mode of Attendance: Full-time. 03 May is . In 2022-23, the Center for the Study of Gender and Sexuality will offer up to seven Residential Fellowships in gender and/or sexuality studies. Level: PhD.

Today, the Department of Gender Studies has 18 core and 20 joint faculty and is home to approximately 250 undergraduate majors, 50 minors, and 30 Ph.D. students. Program.

The general admission regulations of the university regarding postgraduate study apply, conjointly with the following rules, to all qualifications in the Centre for Gender and Africa Studies: A B-degree or four year diploma with . The programme is built on the core belief that trust is the glue that holds relationships together.

Description. .

PhD Programme in Gender Studies: Cultures, Societies and Politics aims to prepare PhDs of an excellent level in the areas of feminism, women and gender using transversal and interdisciplinary approaches in the different areas of research. Comparative Gender Studies PhD in Comparative Gender Studies This program focuses on critical, comparative, theoretical and empirical research in. Participants explore the diversity that is Europe from the perspectives of women and sexual and ethnic/racial minorities. Financially justifiable teaching and research fellowships may enable an extension of the time to complete the degree with up to 1 year. PhD in Gender Studies, Consortium between the Institute of Social and Political Sciences (ISCSP-ULisboa), the NOVA School of Law and the NOVA School of Social Sciences and Humanities.

The NOG teaching and research staff consists of an international team of

Central European . Please visit the links below to learn more about the doctoral program and application procedures.

The Netherlands Research School of Gender Studies (NOG) at Utrecht University (The Netherlands) provides a platform for gender sensitive and postcolonial research.

One of the principal goals of the program is a comparative exploration of Europe in its heterogeneity. Stanford University. Gender Studies PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships - 43 PhDs Listed 6,000 PhD Scholarship | APPLY NOW Gender Studies PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships Discipline Location Institution PhD Type Funding Latest PhDs only Sort by Reset We have 43 Gender Studies PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships More Details

International Education and Development PhD.

Located in the Humanities, the Feminist Studies Ph.D. program offers students the opportunity to engage in contemporary debates that interrogate the nature of gender.

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M.A. The PhD programme at the Tema Institute (including . English courses available .

Start of programme: September. Berkeley, CA. On the Master's level we offer a one-year MA degree and a two-year MA in Critical Gender Studies, and we are partners in MATILDA (two-year European MA in Women's and Gender History) and GEMMA (two-year Erasmus Mundus Masters Degree in Women's and Gender Studies).

Due to the covid-19 outbreak, all programmes for 2020 have been cancelled.

in Women's and Gender Studies. Humboldt State University.

Physiotherapy With over 1.2 million inhabitants in . Master's Student: Arizona State University is an inclusive and welcoming university. On the PhD, students can explore key development topics such as international development policy, humanitarian health and how development is impacted and impacts on religion and culture. The programme aiming at a PhD degree in gender studies (filosofie doktorsexamen) consists of 240 ECTS. PhD in Humanitarian Studies.

Gender Studies considers the effect of gender and sexuality on a range of discourses embedded within culture, identity and global history. What is a PhD in Gender & Sexuality Studies? I would appreciate.

The department attracts students from a wide range of disciplines in the social sciences and . The Ph.D. program in the Department of Gender and Women's Studies at the University of Arizona trains scholars and researchers in this dynamic, interdisciplinary field. New Zealand Aid Programme 2021-2022 Scholarships for international students. 1 Gender Dynamics in the Global Workplace GISMA Business School Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence. The Postgraduate Programme in Gender Studies comprises a postgraduate diploma and structured master's degrees.

Sarah Lawrence College. More information about content, entry requirements, selection process can be found in: View 2 Gender Studies courses. Doctorate / PhD San Cristbal de La Laguna, Spain On campus Gender Studies (PhD) Kadir Has University

You can search for positions on research projects on offer or a position whereby you are free to submit your own research proposal.

Valued among global leaders on research activities, for the quality of education and academic staff, modern facilities and associated infrastructure for scientific work, and most importantly for future prosperity that it produces, Germany is [] Gender Studies & Sexuality promotes social, political, and economic equity. Science and Technology Policy Studies PhD. Mathematics PhD.

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The work program may be entirely or partially carried out at a national institution (national grant or mixed grant, respectively).

Department of Gender Studies.

Eligibility: University of Chicago PhD students from all disciplines working in the areas of gender and/or sexuality are encouraged to apply.

Emancipation, the recognition of differences, and awareness of intersections of gender with other factors of identity making (class, race, age, sexuality, etc.) Comparative Gender Studies.

The PhD in International Development at the University of Edinburgh is one of Europe's top development research posts. San Francisco State University.

Criminology. , Victoria University of Wellington. # 2 in Sex and Gender. The University of Melbourne offers an Interdisciplinary PhD in Refugee and Forced Migration Studies. Employer :Lund University.

You will be working within the project 'Digital Crossings in Europe: Gender, Diaspora and Belonging' (CONNECTINGEUROPE). Work description: The PhD programme runs full time and the student will pursue the requirements of the PhD degree and actively participate in department activities.The position as a PhD student is a four-year full time employment that may require teaching or other departmental work up to 20%, which may lengthen the overall duration of the position to maximum five years.

. Masters by Research in Gender Studies - Utrecht University Cost: 2,143 per year for a first Dutch Masters or 11,464 for a second Dutch Masters (EU) / 17,078 (International) archival research, textual analysis, statistical analysis, participant observation, theoretical inquiry, discourse analysis etc.)

Mary's University - Women's Studies Department.

. Gender Studies inquires about the physical and biological differences between women and men, better known as gender. Since 1995, the NOG has offered a highly successful training programme and research environment for postgraduate students, PhD students and senior researchers. Joint M.A. Ph.D. students take a written and oral General Examination at the end of course work, usually in the . 34 Universities in the UK offering Gender Studies degrees and courses. Lund University offers PhD studies in all eight faculties. For further details of the requirements and structure of the programme please contact Dr Alyosxa Tudor, Research and Admissions Tutor in Gender Studies on

Through courses, students learn skills in ethics, research methods, and communication approaches in order to carry out their research work.

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The PhD programme aims to provide the best possible experience of graduate research and training. Frequently-updated listing of more than 900 women's/gender studies programs, departments, and research centers around the world, including both graduate and undergraduate programs. part of Social Sciences Gender Studies & Sexuality is a subdiscipline within the field of Social Sciences which focuses on analysing the impact gender has on our society and human interactions.

Debora Barnab is a PhD candidate in Women's and Gender Studies (EDGES) at the University of Bologna (Italy) and she is affiliated researcher and PhD candidate at the Research Institute for Cultural Inquiry (ICON) of the Faculty of Humanities at Utrecht University (The Netherlands). It is intended to be flexible and to accommodate the needs of individual students. Students eligible for this scholarship are: Open for the current students of the University. The program's focus is on bringing the margins to the center. This structured PhD programme includes several . Mount Saint Vincent University/St.

It is an institution of the three Swiss federal states that are located in the city of Zurich, namely Switzerland, Germany, and Austria.

Our vision is to bridge the worlds of theory and social justice that exist both inside and outside the . Resting along the banks of the Vltava River, Prague has been the political, cultural, and economic hotspot of Eastern Europe for over 1000 years. PhD.


The PhD in Gender, Race, Sexuality and Social Justice is an interdisciplinary program which allows students to explore their interests in diverse areas while employing feminist, intersectional, and decolonizing methodologies. The licentiate degree in gender studies (filosofie licentiatexamen) consists of 120 ECTS (equivalent to up to two years of full time studies). This Bachelors/Undergraduate, Masters, PhD, Post Doc scholarship can be taken for pursuing in Any Study . Lakehead University - Women's Studies Program. San Diego State University. The three-year PhD in Women's and Gender Studies: The European Example the groWth oF phD programs in women's, gender, and sexuality . Multicultural Queer Studies Minor, through Women's Studies.

The program places great emphasis on . University of California--Berkeley. Also, European graduate students (called "postgradu-ates") typically do most of their coursework at the MA level and apply for PhD programs with their dissertation proposal in hand. Dara Strolovitch. in Women's Studies.

Research education at the Department of Gender Studies began in 2006. Graduates will produce original knowledge in the field from a foundation in diverse theories of gender, critical race theory, feminism and other social movements, history .

The PhD program in gender studies is part of the nation's first School of Social Transformation.

Most popular Gender & Sexuality Studies programmes for international students in Berlin These are the most popular programmes among international students who are looking for a Gender & Sexuality Studies degree in Berlin.

The costs associated with a Master in Gender Studies vary depending on the school's location and size.